A Thank You to the 82nd

A gentleman from England wrote me a very nice E-Mail awhile back. He said I could share it here.

"Hi Dan,
On viewing your photographs I felt that I should contact you, and tell you my little tale. I am English, and during WW2, as a very small boy, I used to walk around 4/5 miles to the 82nd. Airborne camp at
Wood Lane,
U. K.

Upon arrival at the camp I would usually be put straight to work polishing boots, cleaning out tents, and doing any other small chore as requested. Don't feel sorry for me because your men were kindness itself. I would like to thank the 82nd Airborne, through you, for all the kindness shown by them to us, the small children of Britain in those very harsh times. There, as I rapidly approach the age of 70 I have finally done it. God Bless the 82nd. Thanks for listening Dan.
good luck,
Norman Johnstone"

Norman also asks "any news on a 'Benny Garcia' from Los Angeles who was based in Leicestershire'." If you are out there Benny you can get a hold of Norman