Here are some real good Computer SoftWare Programs. They are all FREE. I have all of these on my computer and use them a lot. I have a 486dx, 24 ram memory, and an 8 gig harddrive. They all work good on my machine. So they should work on most anything.
Bible in HTML Here is a very readable King James Translation of the Old and New Testaments. ( 1,643 KB )
Bible Plus A very handy Bible Search Program with many extras, such as the ability to leave an annotation with each verse. ( 2,873 KB )
Copernic 2000 Get this program. It is absolutely great. You can search for a group of words, or a single word. If you search for alot of different topics on the web, like I do, get this one. It will save you a lot of time. I am actually thinking of buying the full version of this one, it's that good ! ( 2187 KB )
Web Ferret This one finds all kinds of things on the web. ( 577 KB )
Aladdin Expander It seems everyone downloads things in ZIP files. Aladdin will unzip just about anything. Works good ! ( 1441 KB )
AnalogX I always liked knowing the exact time. Not just almost, but right on the money. My computer seemed to loose 5-10 seconds a day. Then I got Atomic Time Sync, and now with a few mouse clicks every few days, I can stay right on the money ! ( 222 KB )
Web Time I like this time program even better than the one above. It has a large number of time servers to choose from. Easy to use and small too. ( 76 KB )
Home Planet Astronomy program and also a really neat screen saver. Lots of stars and stuff. Very nice ! ( 7053 KB Zip File )
StarCalc A fun to use planetarium program from one of our Internet Comrades in Russia. Very nice. You'll like it ! ( 721 KB Zip File )
Adastra A very good planetarium program. You have to register it just like you paid for it only it's Free. Well worth the time and trouble. Lots of stars and stuff ! ( 1974 KB Zip File )
I have run all these programs below on my new computer ( a 500 Mhz ) and they worked great.
WebKey 2000 Make the keys of your Keyboard send you to a choosen web site or start a program. ( 266 KB )
BC Wipe This program will wipe your computer clean of any file you want gone, as in for forever, never to return or be retrieved ! ( 561 KB )
EndItAll This is a great program to shut down all your running computer programs with one mouse click. Yes, you can go ctrl+alt+delete and close everything one at a time but this is a lot quicker. ( 392 KB )
NotpadEX Replaces MS Notepad. Looks the same as Notepad but has a lot more features. It will open very lage files and more. I write most of my web pages with this one. ( 492 KB )
NoteTab Light A very nice replacement for MS Notepab and Wordpad. Very handy...opens up real big files. Lots of stuff that's easy to use. ( 1,208 KB )
Icon Snatcher Grab icons from any program on your computer. Save'em, sort'em, whatever ! I use it all the time, good program. ( 794 KB )
Versaverter A very cool program to convert almost any unit of measure to any other unit of measure, such as Dyne Metre to Foot LBS ! Lots and lots of other unit measures too. Feet, rods, btu, cubic yards, you name it converted to you name it ! ( 1,348 KB )
Behind The Asterisks If you forgot your pass word and it's behind those stupid ******* and all you can see is those stupid ******* this will tell tell it to you. ( 2 KB )
BB's Test Run Have you ever installed a program, find out you do not like it, uninstall it, and... BUMMER. It changed all my settings, took an hour to fix and I still didn't get all my setting back right... ? Well I have. New Browsers and E-Mail clients can do it, and other stuff too. If you run everything in BB's Test Run first you will have no more of that. It's saved me at least once. ( 135 KB )
Free Computer Security Programs Virus checker, Firewall and other Internet security stuff.
You Need This Stuff !

Look at all this free stuff. Great quality. Free programs, Free Motorcycle Repair Info. All Free just like the Free gift of eternal life from Jesus Christ our Lord. Totally Free ! Isn't life grand ! The good things in life ARE Free.

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