All the information and/or advice given on this web site or through an E-Mail is FREE. This does not mean that it did not cost something. Web space, internet connections, computers, computer programs, and the labor to build this site all cost somebody, (meaning me) money! It costs a minimum of $1500.00 a year to keep this site up and running. If you want to or feel led to support this site you may make a donation through PayPal. Simply click the Donation button below.

As a thank you for donations and as an encouragement to make a donation I can offer the following incentives to those who support the Dansmc Web Site.

A motorcycle engine screen saver. I took these pictures at different Motorcycle Museums I have visited.

  • For a donation of any size you may download one screen saver.
  • For a donation of $15.00 you get two screen savers.
  • For a donation of $25.00 you get all three screen savers.

To sweeten the deal I will give you a license to make two copies of whatever screensaver(s) you pick. One to keep and one to give to a friend.

Here are the pictures you will get in the screen saver.

  1. Motorcycle Engine Screen Saver #1
  2. Motorcycle Engine Screen Saver #2
  3. Motorcycle Engine Screen Saver #3

To get the screensaver simply make a donation, specify which screensaver you want and I will E-Mail you a special link where you may download it. Be patient! I'm the only one here and it might be a day or so till I check my E-Mail!

Many people have asked for the Online Motorcycle Repair Course to be in a form that they can use on their own computer when they are off line. I had made the course into a very handy Web interactive E-book. Unfortunately, the new Microsoft operating systems have broken this E-book. Not to be detered, I have put the Motorcycle Course into a new form that includes all Motorcycle Course HTML (Web Pages). It comes as a DVD because it is so large (Twelve hundred megabytes and growing!) and includes all the PDF files from the Dansmc web site, all the HTML set up so you can run it on your home computer, all the screen savers, and a lot of other stuff too. It also comes with a license for two copies! Keep one for yourself and give the other away.

This would make a great gift for a young mechanic or a great addition to your own library and your donation would also be helping other mechanics world wide. It is available for a donation of $50.00.

After many requests, I have just finished a PDF of the entire Motorcycle Repair Course. With this gigantic (almost 300 megabytes) PDF file you can now easily print out whatever part of the Motorcycle Course you want. This is included on the DVD. Two examples from this PDF file are below.

TroubleShooting_Dansmc_repaircourse.pdf 562 Kb
Ignition_Dansmc_repaircourse.pdf 16,669 Kb

Thank You for supporting the Dan's Motorcycle Repair Web site.

If you are short of bucks in these hard economic times, there is another way you can help. Often people e-mail me and ask for a specification on this bike or that bike. I am glad to oblige if I have the shop manual. Do you have an old shop manual lying around? Maybe one for a bike you no longer own? Especially a factory shop or parts manual? Or an owners manual? For two or three dollars you can send it to me so I can spread the word so to speak. Just take the manual to the Post Office and put it in one of the envelopes that they supply and send it off!

I also need some kind of computer with Windows 7, 8 or 10 on it so I can test things in that operating system. Right now all I have is a computer with XP. I'm not picky. ANYTHING with Win 7, 8 or 10 will work. Same thing with any kind of E-book reader. Nook, Velocity Micro Cruz Reader, BeBook Neo, Sony Reader, ETC. Each reader renders things in it's own squirrely way.

I could put to good use anything that is old or that you are not using. Testing in the actual device really, really helps me produce something usable.

My address is:

Dan's Motorcycle Repair
24537 E. Canyon Rd.
Cataldo, Idaho

Include your address and in appreciation I will send you a DVD!

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