Align Your Front Wheel

Aline Front Wheel

Loosen BoltsAfter servicing your front end you may find that the front wheel is out of alignment with your handlebars. This can also happen after knocking the bike off it's side stand or after a very low speed fall.

I loosen the fork clamp bolts, top and bottom. Don't loosen them too much. We don't want the forks sliding up or down in their clamps. We just want the forks to be able to twist a bit in their clamps. Then kind of knock the rubber of the front wheel against a stout pole or side of a building using the handle bars. This will twist the forks in the triple tree. Do it gently and it will align the handle bars with the front wheel. If you go too much just knock it on the other side of the wheel.

When it is straight, retighten the fork bolts. If you can't get the handle bars to line up with the wheel using this method, it would indicate that your frame, forks, axle, or triple tree is bent.

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