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I have never been to any Bible school or fancy Siminary but, I have been to the school of hard knocks. Over the years Jesus has taught me a few things besides motorcycle repair. Political correctness has been around a long time and it effects the churches as well as the liberals. Read on and, hopfully enjoy, some political incorrectness. Click the Icons to get everything.

So if we are talking Morals we need to define what we mean by Morals because what is considered wrong in one culture, can be considered right in another. How do we decide what is right or wrong? We must decide where we get our Moral Authority. The only true Moral Authority is the Bible. Some people question if we can trust the Bible. I think we can. For this we need to go back to the very beginning.

Evolution ?  Evolution

OK, I wanted to cover evolution right off the bat, so we can dismiss it and move on. Now what? As we stand here and look around it becomes obvious that something designed all this. If you go out in the woods for a walk and find a cabin or house, you don't say "Wow, this just evolved here." People just aren't that stupid. Well, they are sometimes, but not all the time. You know someone built that house. How? It LOOKS like some one built it. You would be right. When we look at the way trees, fish, animals, and ourselves are built, the truth is easy to see. Someone made us. I've seen many naturally occurring bridges, houses, birds, horses, etc. It's always pretty obvious they are not real. I've never heard of anyone digging up a working motorcycle, TV, car, or anything else that just happened.

But Dan, what about that old saying "Given enough Monkeys, enough typewriters, and enough time, they would write Shakespeare."? That's a true statement... but...

Monkeys & Shakespeare ?  Monkeys & Shakespeare?

So now we know that something or someone made us. But who ? If we had to pick a book that has been searched, inspected, probed, checked, dissected, picked apart, combed through, and put under a microscope more then any other book, that book would be the Bible. There are literally thousands of books on the authenticity of the Bible. I like the books Josh McDowell writes. He lists lots of facts and gives an excellent bibliography on everything.

My sister once dismissed the Bible by saying "Everyone knows it's full of errors." I said "OK, name me one." She said "You know." and I said "No, I don't know. Name me one." She couldn't. Just because science hasn't "Proved it" yet doesn't make it an error. I remember a so called error from years ago. In Isaiah 20:1 the Bible mentioned Sargon, the king of Assyria. At the time History had no record of Sargon except in the Bible, so everyone called it an error. Then archeology found Sargon. All the so called errors in the Bible are the result of our lack of knowledge. Don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Some reasons why I believe in the Bible.

So now we have a little to go on. We didn't just happen. We were planned, but why,
or rather why are we here?

Why are we here? Why are we here?

OK, so now we know why we are here. But, Dan I could never love a God who would send anyone to hell. Ah, then I have some good news for you !

Who Goes to Hell ? Who goes to Hell?

So now we know that going to Hell is a choice we make... BUT what if I'm a really good person. Won't God accept me on my own merits?

Get our Salvation?How can we get to Heaven?

Now we are a cook'n. I'm saved! But wait... What if I do something wrong?

Loose our Salvation?What if I goof up. Can I lose my Salvation?

But Dan, I could never believe in a God that would send any innocent person to hell. Well, you are forgetting some very important facts about God.

What about someone in the jungle What about someone who has never heard about Jesus?

Wait, I saw a so called Christian and they were doing bad things. What gives?

Carnel Christians Carnel Christians

More to come so stay tuned.

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