The Cross


When I first came up to Idaho to start my little motorcycle shop full time I figured things would be slow for a while. I was at the end of the time given me to use my GI bill benefits so I figured to take classes at a small community collage and use up my educational benefits. One of the classes I took was on Anthropology, in fact, it was my major.

The Professor teaching the class was a great teacher and he strongly believed in evolution. I had never thought much about evolution. I mean hey, they taught it in school... must be true. God must use it some way, right? Then I got to thinking. If we just sprang up from a one celled creature, well, it sure goes against what the Bible teaches. So I decided to do my term paper on evolution. I decided to read an equal number of books both for and against evolution and let the chips fall where they may. My professor had one fatal flaw... he was an honest man! He gave my lots of good books on evolution and I found lots more on creation. I read a grand total of twenty-four (24) separate books and articles. What I found absolutely amazed me. Evolution doesn't even have enough evidence to qualify as a theory, let alone as the truth! If you would like to read a poor copy of my poor little paper click the folder.

As a motorcycle mechanic, I deal with finding unknowns every day. The facts don't lie. The trouble lies in interpreting them correctly. The facts for evolution are just plain lacking. All the things I was told in school, that I thought absolutely proved evolution are FALSE. The Geological column so many evolutionists talk about, simply does not exist. All those horse skeletons they showed, you know the big ones going down to the small ones as you dig down... it just doesn't happen anywhere in the world. It was all made up. ALL of the dating methods have problems and as things get older the problems get bigger and bigger. I guess I should not be surprised. Remember all those plastic fenders they said would last forever? Yeah, you're right... they didn't! The computer CD's that were supposed to last 100 years or more. Now they tell us to get all that info off them and on to DVD before the CD's go bad. Of course the DVDs will last a hundred years, or so they say. Science doesn't do real good when they just go with guesses.

I love empirical, provable evidence. If you apply scientific method to evolution, evolution simply will not hold up as fact. Evolution requires a lot of faith. So does Creation or Intelligent design. They should all be taught if we are sincere in teaching the truth. In my opinion, Creation theory fits the facts far better then evolution.

Why does God not give us positive proof of Creation? He wants us to believe in him and what he says on faith. I don't think that's too much to ask. If we have half the faith of the evolutionists we will be doing good!

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