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Popcorn v1.56 :  272Kb  Homepage    Updated
Popcorn is a freeware ultra-lightweight POP3/SMTP/ESMTP e-mail client for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It works as a client/server application, reading mail "directly" from POP3 servers. Some features: Built-in mail editor enables you to compose and send new mail, reply to, forward and re-direct received mail using SMTP or (E)SMTP with authentication, Ideal for cleaning up POP3 accounts, removing spam, unwanted mail, large attachments, etc. See Homepage for New and full features. Note: Freeware version supports one user profile, enabling you to read and send mail from one account--
Spamihilator v0.9.7.2 :  578Kb  Homepage  or  Here    Updated
Spamihilator for all 32bit Windows versions is a small program which filters your emails. It works as a proxy for your favorite email program and deletes unwanted advertising messages. Deleted messages are saved in a recycle bin. The program works between your Email-Client-Software and the Internet. Every time you receive messages, they will be checked by Spamihilator. Useless spam mails will be filtered out. This process works completely in the background. The program runs with nearly all E-Mail Clients like Outlook 2000/XP/Express, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Phoenix Mail, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape. See Homepage for NEW and full features--
Mailinator™ :  Homepage    NEW!
This is not a download but a NoBuck$ information special!
Have you ever needed an email .. NOW? Have you ever gone to a website that asks for your email for no reason (other than they are going to sell your email address to the highest bidder so you get spammed forever)? Welcome to Mailinator™ - Its a no signup, instant email. Here is how it works: You are on the web, at a party, or talking to your favorite insurance salesman. Wherever you are, someone (or some webpage) asks for your email. You know if you give it, you'll be spammed. On the other hand, you do want at least one email from that person. The answer is to give them a Mailinator address. You don't need to sign-up. You just make it up on the spot. Pick or - pick anything you want (up to 15 characters before the @ sign). Later, come to this site and check the email for that account. Its that easy. Mailinator accounts are created when mail arrives for them. No signup, no personal information, and when you're done - you can walk away. The emails will automatically be deleted for you after a few hours. Check the Forums for Donated Domains for even more @ addresses. Note: when you check your mail just type the name you made up without the @--
602Pro LAN SUITE 2003 :  13.8Mb  Homepage     Updated
602Pro LAN SUITE is an easy-to-install and manage all-in-one server application for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. Its standards-based SMTP/POP3 e-mail server provides effective e-mail communication without the risk of destructive virus infiltration and productivity robbing unsolicited e-mail. Fax services seamlessly integrate into user mailboxes to unify e-mail and fax message access. It supports a variety of access methods, from standard POP3 e-mail clients (i.e. Outlook Express) to built-in Web Mail access. The SSL SMTP/POP3 server provides secure encrypted transmission between the e-mail client and server. The built-in firewall provides effective protection against unauthorized access. Shared Internet Access through LAN SUITE provides your network users with a secure connection to the Internet. Be in complete control of when and where your network users can go online! 602Pro LAN SUITE is fully controlled from a standard WWW browser. It can be easily managed across a LAN, WAN or the Internet. The included Configuration Wizard will setup LAN SUITE and secure your network in less than 10 minutes, GUARANTEED! Note: This Free version supports up to 5 users--
SpamPal v1.50 :  570Kb  Homepage  or  Here   Updated
SpamPal for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP is a POP3/ IMAP4 mail classification program with SMTP support that can help separate your spam from the mail you really want to read. Using what are called DNSBL lists (these are lists of parts of the Internet that in one way or another facilitate spam), SpamPal sits between your e-mail program and your mailbox, checking your e-mail as you retrieve it. Any e-mail messages that SpamPal considers to be spam will be "tagged" with a special header; you simply configure your e-mail client to filter anything with this header into a separate folder and your spam won't be mixed up with the rest of your e-mail anymore. New in this version: So much, that we'll use the Author's words ("Faster, Leaner, Better"). See Homepage for full details, information on "Plug-ins",  and installation manual. Manuals available in English, German, French, Italian and Russian--
Pegasus Mail v4.12a :  4.4Mb (32bit Windows)  Homepage    Updated
Pegasus Mail for Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP is an e-mail client that interacts directly with the user, allowing mail to be sent, read, filed, printed and otherwise manipulated through a graphical interface. Small,  fast and one of the most feature-rich mail clients available, Pegasus Mail can be left running permanently on your workstation and includes powerful tools to notify the user when new mail arrives. It can run on single Windows computers, or local area networks - it has special support for Novell NetWare LANs that allow it to operate intuitively and with almost no maintenance. The program also supports multiple users on a single computer. Pegasus Mail can act as a complete internal mail system on its own without needing further servers or components: it can send and receive Internet mail on its own using standard protocols (SMTP, IMAP and POP3). If you add the free Mercury Mail Transport System as a mail server, you can provide fully-integrated centralized Internet e-mail services and mailing list management for your Pegasus Mail users. 32bit & 16bit Windows and DOS versions available. Note: This is a major release with some sophisticated new capabilities that set it apart from all previous releases. See Homepage for extensive features--
PP MailCheck v1.7 :  1.49Mb  Homepage  or  Here  
PP MailCheck for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP is a multilingual mail checker that can easily handle the mails on a POP3 server. It allows you to preview the mails from the server and directly delete those you don't want to download by your default Mail Client. At the same time you can return mail. If someone sends you a mail, and you are not sure about it, just replay the mail. MailCheck can, if you want it to, insert details about the mail you got. You can also send simple mail with it. PP MailCheck has a easy to use Spam filter, to which you can add a email. When viewing mails it can also test if the syntax of the address is correct. If you want to check your mail on another computer, then just take MailCheck with you. MailCheck can copy itself to floppy disk, and then you can start it from floppy disk on another computer. See full features on Homepage--
DBXtract v4.50 :  72Kb  Homepage   
Outlook Express 5/6 has a proprietary binary format that makes archiving individual messages difficult. In addition, a number of people have indicated that their message folders have become corrupted and OE can not read them. Consequently, they have lost all the messages in that folder. DBXtract for Windows9x, NT, Me, 2000, XP extracts and recovers all mail and news messages from individual dbx files. After extracting the messages one can drag them from a Windows Explorer folder into an Outlook Express mail folder. Operation instructions on Homepage--
SmartSerialMail V1.3:  810Kb  Homepage
SmartSerialMail for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP allows you to send e-mails automatically to a large number of recipients. E-mails can be sent using MAPI or SMTP and up to 64 threads may be used, which allows an optimal usage of your internet connection. Each mail is sent individually to its recipient, so that only his/her name appears in the To: section of the mail header. Version 1.3 allows multiple users with different email addresses and SMTP servers. Attachments are possible now. Author requests an e-mail or a postcard if you keep it. See Homepage for details in "readme.txt" --
PureMail v3.0 beta :  564Kb  Homepage
PureMail for W9x/NT/2k/XP, promises that you will never receive unsolicited e-mail. Features a One-Time Pad philosophy. The program is written in Delphi, and is very compact yet powerful and flexible. You can still keep your existing e-mail program. PureMail is a transparent add-on to any e-mail program. Once configured, it will minimize to the tool tray, quietly querying your mail server for unwanted email. You don't even have to shut down the program even if you log out from the Net. New features include an Interactive mode where the user can selectively keep/delete emails, the ability to preview your emails, tons of enhancements--


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