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Welcome to NoBuck$ Freeware Connection
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Please visit our "Tips & Tricks" page for Important information you should know about "freeware" before downloading anything you find on this site or any other site.
This site is dedicated to those of you who have spent many hours searching for, downloading and installing these products, only to find out after you have done so that they really weren't "free" or they did not perform as well as stated or expected. All of the products that you will find listed here are Top Quality and absolutely Free!
We do not list a lot of freeware like most sites do, but instead strive to provide you with what we have tested and consider to be the BEST of the current selections of software available for the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems in each of the major categories we have, based on the criteria found on this page and our "Tips & Tricks" page. This does not mean that there are not other excellent free products out there (as brilliant software authors constantly attempt to outdo each other), and we will continually be looking for, testing, and updating our listings as we find more of the Best of the Top Quality freeware for you. Most links will take you directly to the authors website where you can read all the specs about the product you want so you can be well informed before you download. If you find a broken link please contact us at This link and we will try to either repair it or remove it from this site if the product is no longer available.
If you are a
SOFTWARE DESIGNER, or you know of a freeware product that you would like to see listed here, please send us an e-mail about it (name of software and/or URL) at the above address and we will test it. If it passes what is specified on this page and the "Tips & Tricks" page, we will post a link. Please DO NOT send any software by e-mail as we will NOT accept attachments.

Privacy Policy

This website operates as a information depot only, with links to other websites for the products listed on this site. None of the programs listed are hosted on this site. Any information we may receive about you (name, e-mail address, etc.) by means of your contacting NoBuck$ thru e-mail is deleted from our systems as soon as possible and under no circumstances is passed on to any other party. We will make no attempt to contact you unless requested by you (we notify Authors of listings), and should that occur, we will respond only by forwarding back to you your original e-mail with our reply. Note: We reserve the right to pass on any submitted software name or URL that we do not list, to other freeware sites that primarily operate under our same basic principles. (See Disclosure Statement)

Disclosure Statement 

The reputation of this site is important to us and we base it on what we have specified on this page, our Privacy Policy, this Statement, and our "Tips & Tricks" page. This is an independently operated website. We do not belong to any organization, nor do we receive any monies or benefits of any type from any author or company for reviewing or listing their product. If any software author, website or organization posts a link to this site from theirs, it is at their own discretion and not by any request or requirement from NoBuck$. We try to regularly check websites we list for any links to/ or material of a pornographic nature. If we find any, we will remove the link from our website to theirs. Please contact us immediately if you find any such links or material on a website listed by NoBuck$ HERE

NoBuck$ does not make any guarantees, nor do we offer any warranty of any kind, express or implied. The listing or mention of any software does not imply an endorsement by NoBuck$. We are not liable for any damage for any goods, services program, or any information mentioned on this website. What this means is really quite simple: We test products on a variety of systems available to us, but what works for us may not work for you. No one can guarantee that any particular program will work on your system. It is your responsibility to take the time to make sure that it is suitable for you. We would strongly suggest before downloading any software, or even anything from the Internet, that you have a good Anti-Virus program installed on your system, and that you get into a habit of always making back-ups of your important programs and files.

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