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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hi Folks:

Our first day "North to Alaska" has been a great one. Started out this morning by leaving our home on Echo Lake in Brownsboro, Texas at 6:45 am. Drove all the way to Edom (12 miles !!!) and made our first stop at Edom Marketplace Restaurant where a group of our dear, dear friends were waiting to bid us farewell. (Thanks guys for the send off, you're the greatest !!!) We spent about thirty minutes with them and then headed for Emory, Texas where we met up with Jim & Ruby Seal from Pittsburg, Texas. Jim & Ruby are going to make the trip to Alaska with us. They are fairly new friends but are fast becomming "good" friends. We had a good country breakfast with them at "The Ya'll Come Back Cafe" in Emory and then we were off on the back roads headed north.

We made some rest stops during the day but managed to travel 366 miles. The weather was beautiful. Very cool (in the 70's) and we hardly got more than a sprinkle on us. We were behind the heavy rains. One town in Oklahoma that we went through got 8" in just a short time and water was EVERYWHERE but when we went through it was not raining a drop. There were really black clouds all around us all day but a "ray of light" was with us all the way. Could it have been an angel looking after us ? Possibly.

Tonight we are in Hinton, Oklahoma in a very nice motel. Bobby, Jim and "Miss Ruby" are outside working on Jim's motorcycle break lights. They keep blowing fuses. Oh, I just remembered, that is Ruby's Trike. It is orange and very pretty. She drove most of the way today. I'm not kidding, it really is hers. Jim has a matching 2 wheel but they left it at home. They are both Honda Gold Wings.

Not a lot of secenery today. The part of Texas that we went through into Oklahoma is pretty bland (Denison into Durant) but the big "Red River" was very RED today. In fact, all the rivers and creeks we crossed today were very red from all the rains I'm sure.

Late today we had a wonderful meal. Ate at the Western Sizzler (the best one yet). We, of course, all ate like pigs we were so hungry. Well, all except for Ruby. She's trying to lose weight and is doing a good job of it. She has lost 85 pounds and going for 20 something more. Good for her !!! I admire folks who can do that.

Sitting on the back of that trike all day made me realize why I love riding it so. You feel so free and you just get into a relaxed frame of mind and the "real world" just goes away. I thought of those I love and those who love me and I just feel so blessed that I am alive and well and in the hands of God and I know Bobby has to feel the same way. It was such a wonderful day and at dinner tonight (it was my turn to pray) I just thanked God for such a wonderful and safe day and for the "new friends" that we are getting aquainted with. GOD IS GOOD !!!

Hopefully, the next time I write I will have something to tell you that is more exciting. There are things we will be doing and things we will be seeing that I'm sure will be something to write home about.

Well, there has just been a bit of excitment. I was sitting here about to finish this letter when a knock on my window here in the motel made me almost jump out of my skin. It was Ruby and when I went to the window to see what she wanted this is what she said, "Do you want a root beer float?" !!! I said back to her, where are we going to put one? I was still so full from dinner I could not believe they were wanting to go get a float, of all things. Well, we walked next door to the Sonic, got our root beer float, had lots of good laughs and now soooooooo full and WET. We walked back to the motel in the rain !!!

That's about it for today, so until next time, have a wonderful day and will be talking to you again soon.

The FUN Riders
Bobby & Dixie (Dixie writing)

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