The Internet goes all over the world and in this big world there are alot of languages other then English. I have had hits on my web site from South Africa, Italy, France, Indonesia, Israel, Maylasia, Norway, Sweden, the Phillipines... Well, you get the picture. Just as I do not speak German, others may not speak English. With this Language Translator you can convert any web site from English to any one of the listed languages, and any one of the listed languages to English or to each other.

Enter the adress ( URL ) of the web page you want to translate or type in the text, pick the language from, and the language to, and click Translate.....Pretty Neat, Huh !

It isn't perfect. You have to work just a bit at reading the translation, but it is very doable. Be Patient...It may take several minutes for it to translate a long web page. It can do E-Mail too. ( Cut and Paste into the text box )

Translation Experts Ltd. is pleased to provide this link to the InterTran (tm) multi-language translation system for webpages and text. The translations are not perfect but they can give you a general idea of what is being communicated. Some of the languages have more limited lexicons then others so the quality of translation can vary between the languages. We always suggest that if you need critical translations hire a translator or take the time to learn the language that you want to communicate in. Any text or webpages that are translated will appear within this webpage frame. Some of the languages will need additional support for specific fonts.






Placed On-Line by Dan.