Well, sad to say, I have worked quite a lot on Lawn mowers, Rototillers, Lawn Tractors, Outboards and other non-Motorcycle engines. These small engines are known as Fractional Horsepower Engines. I was up in my shop's attic the other day and ran across several years worth of old receipts from back in the 1990s. Like detective Joe Kenda always says "My, My, My". It seems I've sure fixed a lot of Lawnmowers in years past. Add to that a big pile of outboards too. Not to mention Rototillers, Generators, Lawn Tractors and most anything with a Fractional Horsepower Engine on it. Ah, the things we do to keep from starving.

Anyway, Here are some Specifications, Tips, Flow charts and such on small engines that you may find useful. If you want to print them out, click the pictures, save and print.

Outboard Model Year Identification Guide 1963-2005

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