Well, don't feel too bad if you can't even get your motorcycle's seat off. I have the same problem ! You would think they would standardize this. I guess we should be thankful we don't have to shift on the right anymore. Hey, I can say that. I put 30,000 miles an an old Norton Atlas twin. Anyway, here are a few ways I've found to get seats off. I'm sure there are more, new ways that we will find in the future.

  • Open tool box, at rear of seat, with key and unhook or unbolt the seat from inside tool box.
  • Pull lever on right or left side, up under the seat. It can also be at the rear of the seat, right or left side, again up under the seat. Lift seat off up and to the rear. Sometimes it's hooked on both sides with a rod or cable connecting both sides. These can break. Make sure both are unhooking. Sometimes, there is a can stretch and/or break too !
  • Same as above only you use a key.
  • Remove the two bolts on either side at the rear of the seat. Pull seat to rear.
  • Nuts or bolts, at the rear and below seat, under the rear fender Remove 2-4 bolts holding down the rear seat ( Pinion seat ). Remove seat and then remove two bolts, at the rear, holding the front seat on.
  • Unlock lever on side of seat. Seat then pivots on two hinges to open. Can open to the right or left. Might have no lock.
  • Push button on side. Left side, I haven't found a push button on the right side... yet ! Can be locked or unlocked with a key.
  • Pull lever at front of seat, right or left side. Seat lifts up with the hinge at the rear.
  • Pull lever at rear of seat, right or left side. Seat lifts up with hinge at front.
  • Pull lever at front of seat, right or left, and whole seat comes off. Seat has pegs underneath that fit into rubber grommets on the frame.
  • Gary E-Mailed me with this.

    On the 1995 Yamaha Virago XV750 G or GC, To remove the seat;


    1. Forget about buttons, switches, levers.
    2. Break out the handy tool box.
    3. Remove the left box cover and the right Battery Box cover.
      note: never even knew there was a tool box under there.
    4. Remove the top left hex drive screw that holds the tool box in place. It also acts as a hinge bolt.
    5. On the battery box side remove a matching position bolt (also hinge bolt).
    6. Slide seat forward and lift off.
    7. DONE!

    Now you have access to electrical wiring for rear lights and the fuel tank rear retaining bolt.

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