OK, I get an E-Mail from some web page developer guy who was hired by these guys to work on links to their web site. He tells me he thinks my site would be a good site to link to for his client, a place called Bolttech. So I say sure, as any web master knows, the more legitimate links you have, the higher place you have in the search engines. That's the theory, anyway. So I put up a link to them. ( So I wait for my link..., and wait..., and wait..., about a month and a half. He then E-Mails me and says Bolttech, in all their wisdom, has now decided I'm not good enough to link to... like the search engines care !

Now, if you want to buy from this place you might want to consider this. They spent a lot of money hiring a web design guy, only to ignore his good advice. A legitimate link to anywhere is advantageous to help your site rank higher. Higher rank equals more sales... well DUH. If these guys ignored their web master, what other important things did they ignore ? Well, you figure it out, but like I say... you really have to wonder !

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