Days of Yore

Back in the days of Yore, when the earth was young and Dinosaurs ruled, we tried lots of different things to make our motorcycles run better. Those things are now 30 to 45 years old, possibly more. To some of you, that is a lifetime ago. Maybe, even before you were born. To me, it is like yesterday.

On this page I am going to reprint some old ideas whose time has come and passed. Kind of like me. I hope you find this stuff as interesting as I did.

  1. Coil # 1. Electronic Ignitions were but a dream. However, you could do a lot if you had a coil.
  2. Coil # 2.
  3. Coil # 3.
  4. Letters on Coils.
  5. Coil # 4.
  6. Magneto for the old Honda 450 twin.
  7. Pumper Carbs. The poor man's fuel injection.
  8. Pumper Carb #2
  9. Pumper Carb #3
  10. Pumper Carb #4
  11. Gasohol, wait a minute. Are they still trying to push that?
  12. Flywheel Magneto Stuck on Shaft
  13. Make a Flow Bench
  14. Two-Stroke Oil #1
  15. Two-Stroke Oil #2
  16. Two-Stroke Oil #3
  17. Expansion Chambers #1
  18. Expansion Chambers #2
  19. Ossa Stiletto TT Race Specifications
  20. Hop Up Honda 175 Twin
  21. Hop Up Yamaha 175 Single

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