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Defrag_To_Shutdown v1.5 :  771Kb  Homepage or  Here
Defrag_to_shutdown for Windows 95/98/Me launches the Windows Defrag program with three options and with the option to shutdown the computer after the defragmentation has finished. There is also an option to disable the screensaver during defragmentation. In this new version an additional option for advanced users to optimize system and hidden files has been added--
RegEditX v1.31 :  329Kb  Homepage
RegEditX (Registry Editor Extensions) for Windows 9x, ME, NT4, 2K, XP enhances the Windows Registry Editor. If you edit the same keys repeatedly, this is for you! New buttons activate frequently used commands, and a combo box stores a history of visited keys and allows quick navigation back to them. The keys are saved across sessions and available the next time you use the Registry Editor--
Drive Rescue v1.9d :  671Kb  Download
An Undelete and data recovery tool for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP that can find any lost and deleted data on your hard disk even if the partition table is lost or the drive has been quick-formatted. Lost Data that is the result of a system crash can also be recovered. Supported file systems: FAT 12/16/32(used by hard disks, disks, Smartmedia™, Compact Flash™, Memory Stick and other) and NTFS (undelete only). Languages support by help: English, German, Spanish. Note: This program has recently been upgraded and is No Longer available as Freeware on the Homepage. Download FREE version at above link--
Cacheman v5.11 :  852Kb  Homepage
Cacheman for Windows 9x,ME,NT4,2000 and XP, is a performance enhancement and memory recovery utility. By optimizing the Disk Cache and additional system settings it can prevent frequent swapping of the data to hard drive resulting in improved performance, system reaction time and even stability. Besides this, Cacheman corrects generic problems on systems with more than 512MB of RAM. During the last 6 months the program has been completely rewritten. Features a new user interface and wizards to help even inexperienced users to tweak system performance according to their needs. A bunch of new features is available - Memory Recovery, Profiles (revert back to old configuration), CdRom Cache & Icon Cache optimization, Logging, System configuration report creation and several new settings and options--
Partition Resizer v1.3.4 :  97Kb  Homepage  or  Here
The first free program to resize and move partitions ( Win9x,ME in DOS mode) without data loss, is now more complete, with support for disks up to 2TB of size. New Resizing/Moving engine, with simpler interface. Move and resize your partitions in one step. Partition Resizer is a small DOS executable, which requires no installation, and can perform all these tasks in a short while, giving you the opportunity to re-arrange your disk partitions safely, quickly, and fuss-free. Be SURE to read accompanying documents and view the FAQ on the website--
Test-Run by BB® v2.1.1 :  136Kb  Homepage or  Here
This utility for Win95/98 will permit you to safely experiment with new software without fear of corrupting the windows Registry. Instead of providing a Registry backup which could be used to fix the Registry after any corruption, TEST-RUN provides a Separate Registry especially for testing trial programs. Very easy to use, and provides you with a visual reminder when you have the special test Registry in place--
ShutDownPro v1.122 :  190Kb  Homepage
With ShutDownPro for Win95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP, you can shutdown, reboot, logoff your System. When you click the context-menu in the Taskbar, you switch quickly from a screen-resolution to another, can empty the Temporary Internet Files, open your CD-drives, add programs to Favorites, minimize, maximizes or close all windows, you get information over system-resources, get a listing of all current programs running. Here, you can finish also Tasks. You can fix a time for shutting down your system--
Rain v1.0:    179Kb  Direct Download & Rain v2.0 : 122Kb  Direct Download
Especially designed for overclockers (or for severe heat conditions), Rain from Leading Wintech is different from other CPU coolers (such as Waterfall and CPUIdle) in the fact that it has a different concept: "Extreme Cooling!" Rain was especially designed to give you the biggest temperature decrease among all CPU coolers. Version1.0 is for Win95 ONLY and version2.0 is for Win98 ONLY. WinNT, 2000, XP do not need coolers--
HDCopy v2.104 :  122Kb  Homepage
With HDCopy for Win95/98/ME, you can make an identical copy of a hard drive onto another hard drive. If you buy a new hard drive and don't wish to change your Windows configuration in any way, you can use HDCopy to copy your old hard drive completely to the new one (hidden files as well)--
EndItAll 2 :  745Kb   Homepage or  Here
Install utilities usually tell you to shut down all other tasks while they're operating. PC Magazines EndItAll 2 lists all the programs running on your system, and lets you decide which ones to close down. The processes necessary for basic system operation are protected from termination. From the remaining processes, you can choose which to close, which to kill (close down forcibly), and which to protect. For Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, and NT 4.0--
MOB (My Own Backup) v2.1 :  1.91Mb  Download  or  Here
This powerful, numerous optioned, easy to use backup program for Windows 9x, 2000, NT will provide all your backup needs and send them to your choice of Hard Drive, Zip & Jaz Drives, Floppy Disk (using Diskspan option), or CD/RW. Homepage is no longer available--
PowerDefrag v2.10 beta 2 :  1.73Mb -  2.62Mb  Homepage
This System tool for Windows 9x/ME improves the performance of the Microsoft disk defragmenter tool and prevents some common types of crashes. Note: On the two systems we tested this on (95 & 98) there was a noticeable improvement in program loading and speed. Note: No longer available from the homepage. Direct Download PD v2.00 for Win95  HERE and PD v2.10 b2 for Win 98 + ME  HERE --
AnalogX MaxMem v1.01 :  214Kb  Homepage
This small Ram recovery program for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2k, ME, XP runs in your system tray and monitors your system's resources. You configure it once to set the minimum, periodic and aggressive modes of recovery and it will maintain your settings. This does not show CPU load and does not have an option to start automatically when you start Windows but if you want it to just put the .exe in your StartUp folder. Mouse over tray icon shows available free Ram. See Readme file for config settings--
AnalogX Dll Archive v1.00 :  227Kb  Homepage
Searches through your system files and lets you know if any of the DLL's contain references to uninstalled software. It does not delete them but allows you to put the files shown to you in a archive so you can restore them if needed later. Simple to use. For Windows 95, 98, NT, 2k, ME, XP. See website for more info--
JoneSoft Uninstall Cleaner v1.1.0 :  269Kb  Homepage
A powerful alternative to Microsoft's "Add/Remove Programs". In addition to uninstalling software, it will identify and allow you to remove orphaned entries, add new entries and modify existing entries in the Add/Remove list. For Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP--
RamBooster v1.6 :  955Kb  Homepage
A Random Access Memory (RAM) monitoring and recovery program for Win95/98. Also shows your CPU’s load--
M Power v1.2 :  1.12Mb  Homepage
Cleans and Defrags (RAM), also benchmarks CPU speed/load, Hard Disk read/write speed. Other handy features--
Tweak UI v1.33 :  111Kb  Homepage
Upgraded version of the Microsoft "Power Toy" for use of modifying the appearance and behavior of Windows. For Windows 9x, Me, 2000, NT--
RegClean v4.1a :  781Kb  Download
Microsoft's automatic registry cleaner for Windows 95, 98, NT 3.51, NT 4, and 2000. Cleans out standard invalid registry entries. Extremely simple to use and creates an Undo file--


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