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Someone asked, through the comments page, for my Testimony so HERE it is!

February 21, 2011

This Wisconsin union thing is sort of interesting because the unions are being so two faced about it. I mean really. They say they are doing it for the kids. So the teachers call in sick, which is a lie, so they can protest loosing a tiny bit of their benefits. Benefits that they will not be able to collect on because the state is broke. If they give up just a little, there is a possibility we might fix this. However, the unions vilify the government officials because they have enough courage to try to fix a situation brought on by years of cowards giving the unions anything they want so the politicians can keep their jobs.

If we don't balance our budgets and live within our means, at sometime in the very near future the pensions and health care will simply stop. Look at this YouTube video.

Now all these plans that Madoff used are called Ponzi schemes. In a Ponzi scheme the people that invest in it first are paid off by the people that join later. As long as people keep joining the plan (Scheme) and pay money into it everything works out fine. The trouble comes when the number of people and their money, coming into a plan, does not equal the number of people already in the plan.

Does this sound familiar? Can you say Social Security System? Can you say State Pensions? How about Medicare and Medicaid?

The States and the Nation all have the same problem as these unions have with Madoff. There simply is no money left for all of these grand benefits. If we try to fix it now there is a chance we can fix things without ruining people's pensions too much. If we do what the unions in Wisconsin want us to do, that is nothing, WE WILL GO BROKE.

What is really scary is that we may already be too late. Oh yes, some doctor was giving free medical letters to the teachers who called in sick. Another lie. Don't you feel good about what these good, honest, people are teaching your children?

So they say it's for our kids. It's really just about the money, isn't it?

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OK, How do I say this without being offensive. I am really interested in what you say but I don't give a flying passage of gas in a hot place about what you think!

WOW, what does that mean? Simply this. I am interested in what you say about the things I say and you can tell the truth to me because you can't offend me. That is because I don't care about what you think of me! You can FLAME me, Rant and Rave, say you love me or say you hate me, it's all the same to me!

I am interested in how you come to whatever opinion you have, why you say what you say. Lately, I keep hearing and reading about people who say they HATE, absolutely HATE Palin, Beck, O'Reilly, Fox, ETC. They are just liar, liar pants on fire. However, they never seem to be able to give proof or at least some kind of reason for what they say. I gave you reasons why I feel as I do so if you disagree with me can you give me some reason why?

So there you go. Tell me what you think. I promise to read what you say but I will not write back because I don't care what you think. I only care about what you say!

One last thing. This is for comments on my Blobs only. No motorcycle questions because I'm not writing back from this E-Mail address. OK?

If you have motorcycle questions click the motorcycle and follow my rules.

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