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My daughter has a Blog and told me I should get one. In fact, she said I already had one. Well, I don't like the name Blog so I changed it to Blob which rhymes with slob and as I am somewhat of a slob that sounded just right!

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Someone asked, through the comments page, for my Testimony so HERE it is!

August 29, 2011

Hit the replay button and listen again to what our dear President said back in 2008. Of all words I have heard the rather word prolific President speak, these are just about the only ones I agree with 100%. Then he does exactly the same only double. Both Republicans and Democrats have over spent us into bankruptcy. That is definitely unpatriotic.

Changing gears. I was reading about a young man who was setting up methane gas generators in a poorer section of large African city. The idea being to supply cooking gas to several poor families. The gas generators use food and garden waste to generate methane gas. I thought this was a real neat idea. The only trouble with me using such a setup (Yes, I did give it serious consideration!) is keeping the setup going through the Idaho winters and coming up with enough compost to generate the gas.

Truth be known, I am quite a green kind of guy. But I don't call it green. I call it efficiency. I really dislike waste. Like the old Amish philosophy "Use it up, wear it out, make it do." I like to get my monies worth out of everything. I didn't really notice this until recently a friend remarked that I always could get a dollars worth of use out of a nickel. He was right.

It then hit me that you could apply an old Motorcycle saying I use all the time with my customers. The saying is this. "Speed costs money. How fast can you afford to go?" This can be applied to just about anything in life. I can't really use a small Methane generator because I need to much of the gas to maintain my current life style. I can't slow down that much but if I could I would save money. When people talk about going green, what they are really saying is that you have to get more efficient and/or slow down.

Now my lifestyle is very slow compared to most of the rest of the country. That is because I can't afford to go very fast. I have friends that live in the big cities like Los Angeles. Man, they are just on the go all the time. I guess it is worth it to them.

The real question is, is it worth it to you? If you want to be Green. If you want to be efficient. You are going to have to slow down.

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OK, How do I say this without being offensive. I am really interested in what you say but I don't give a flying passage of gas in a hot place about what you think!

WOW, what does that mean? Simply this. I am interested in what you say about the things I say and you can tell the truth to me because you can't offend me. That is because I don't care about what you think of me! You can FLAME me, Rant and Rave, say you love me or say you hate me, it's all the same to me!

I am interested in how you come to whatever opinion you have, why you say what you say. Lately, I keep hearing and reading about people who say they HATE, absolutely HATE Palin, Beck, O'Reilly, Fox, ETC. They are just liar, liar pants on fire. However, they never seem to be able to give proof or at least some kind of reason for what they say. I gave you reasons why I feel as I do so if you disagree with me can you give me some reason why?

So there you go. Tell me what you think. I promise to read what you say but I will not write back because I don't care what you think. I only care about what you say!

One last thing. This is for comments on my Blobs only. No motorcycle questions because I'm not writing back from this E-Mail address. OK?

If you have motorcycle questions click the motorcycle and follow my rules.

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