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My daughter has a Blog and told me I should get one. In fact, she said I already had one. Well, I don't like the name Blog so I changed it to Blob which rhymes with slob and as I am somewhat of a slob that sounded just right!

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Someone asked, through the comments page, for my Testimony so HERE it is!

June 5 , 2011

Interesting Isle of Man TT week ride.

I keep watching these different health care debates. It seems the Democrats only plan is to tax the rich, whoever that is, and spend more money. Like it or not health care costs a lot of money. The more we get it "Free" from the government the more it will cost. Proof of this is evident in the growing number of businesses getting "Wavers" from the government allowing them to opt out of wonderful Obama care. If it is so good, why do they want out? Perhaps they know something we don't?

Forget what everyone says. Look at where is the money going to come from. Do the math. We can start cutting now while we are still young enough to prepare for the added personal burden or we can ignore it and keep on spending until suddenly the credit card is maxed out.

You think it won't happen fast? I'm reading a book called "Nicholas and Alexandra" by Robert K. Massie. The book is about the last Tsar of Russia. He was solidly in control of Russia in 1914, commanding a 15 million man army. By 1915 things were going down hill. By 1917 the Tsar was history. Three years to go from total autocratic power to nothing.

You really think the same thing can't happen to your government health care and government freebies? Believe it or not, the Tsar never saw it coming. Do you? You have been warned. Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, see and hear.

2nd Timothy 2:15 says:
"Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth."

I thought it might be helpful to have some strategic information right at your fingertips so I made a page where you can easily find your state and federal legislators, local and foreign newspapers, legislative information and even search without Google tracking you. Lots of other good and handy stuff too. I can't do it all for you so you will have to do your own information mining, but this should make it a bit easier.

Just Click the Miner.

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OK, How do I say this without being offensive. I am really interested in what you say but I don't give a flying passage of gas in a hot place about what you think!

WOW, what does that mean? Simply this. I am interested in what you say about the things I say and you can tell the truth to me because you can't offend me. That is because I don't care about what you think of me! You can FLAME me, Rant and Rave, say you love me or say you hate me, it's all the same to me!

I am interested in how you come to whatever opinion you have, why you say what you say. Lately, I keep hearing and reading about people who say they HATE, absolutely HATE Palin, Beck, O'Reilly, Fox, ETC. They are just liar, liar pants on fire. However, they never seem to be able to give proof or at least some kind of reason for what they say. I gave you reasons why I feel as I do so if you disagree with me can you give me some reason why?

So there you go. Tell me what you think. I promise to read what you say but I will not write back because I don't care what you think. I only care about what you say!

One last thing. This is for comments on my Blobs only. No motorcycle questions because I'm not writing back from this E-Mail address. OK?

If you have motorcycle questions click the motorcycle and follow my rules.

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