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Someone asked, through the comments page, for my Testimony so HERE it is!

May 14, 2011

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Isn't it amazing. We finally get Ben Laden and what do we find. Our friends in Pakistan are maybe not so friendly and ol' Osama is living like a Bum in a million dollar compound. Any drugies slum apartment in an inner city ghetto looks better.

I keep wondering how they expect to beat us. I guess they think that God is with them and will give them victory. It would seem they are wrong.

You know, we really need to reassess who we give money to and who we support. We are broke. We need to spend our money where it will do the most good. We need to spend it here at home. Actually, we need to stop spending period.

What I really find interesting is that we can kill him and that is OK, but water board him... no way! OK, got that? It is just fine to kill the guy but if you were to water board him, which leaves him alive, it is bad, bad, bad.

This got me to thinking. Back in 1971 I was taking Basic Training in the good old US Army. One mandatory part of that training was to learn about CS Tear Gas. You put on a gas mask, which worked rather well, walk into a room in which several Tear Gas Grenades had been set off and then you take off your mask. The instructor, who still had on his mask, would now talk to you till you got a real snoot full of gas. I'm not sure how to describe it. Saying it is like a large amount of Cayenne Pepper in your eyes and down your throat just does not get the true feeling of pain over to you. That great feeling just stayed and stayed with you. After twenty minutes or so you would slowly come out of it!

They now lectured you for several hours then back out for more realistic training. There was this kind of wide ditch with lines of fake barbed wire (No Barbs) over it. We crawled out under the wire and waited. Our dear leaders now popped some white smoke and directed it at us. The idea was this. You waited in the smoke and when you smelled the CS Gas, you put your gas mask on.

Yeah, right, wait for the CS Gas. Fat chance. As soon as I was sure the instructors could not see me I put my mask on. The guy next to me dutifully waited. We were jammed in pretty tight and my face was about six inches from the face of my friend. He was just a bit late getting his mask on or perhaps I should say tried to get it on. He made a very interesting looking face and in his agony started to bite the ground. He eat quite a bit of dirt. There was nothing I could do for him so I just watched. It wasn't like it was going to kill him. Now remember, you had to go through this to pass Basic Training.

So, killing a terrorist is OK (I can live with that), but water boarding (I can live with that too) that does not kill is bad wrong but tear gassing our soldiers till they eat dirt is perfectly all right. Am I missing something here? Which would you choose? Dead is so permanent and CS gas? Been there, done that. Water boarding? Well, it does sound like it would clean out the sinuses if nothing else!

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OK, How do I say this without being offensive. I am really interested in what you say but I don't give a flying passage of gas in a hot place about what you think!

WOW, what does that mean? Simply this. I am interested in what you say about the things I say and you can tell the truth to me because you can't offend me. That is because I don't care about what you think of me! You can FLAME me, Rant and Rave, say you love me or say you hate me, it's all the same to me!

I am interested in how you come to whatever opinion you have, why you say what you say. Lately, I keep hearing and reading about people who say they HATE, absolutely HATE Palin, Beck, O'Reilly, Fox, ETC. They are just liar, liar pants on fire. However, they never seem to be able to give proof or at least some kind of reason for what they say. I gave you reasons why I feel as I do so if you disagree with me can you give me some reason why?

So there you go. Tell me what you think. I promise to read what you say but I will not write back because I don't care what you think. I only care about what you say!

One last thing. This is for comments on my Blobs only. No motorcycle questions because I'm not writing back from this E-Mail address. OK?

If you have motorcycle questions click the motorcycle and follow my rules.

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