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Someone asked, through the comments page, for my Testimony so HERE it is!

April 8, 2012

A long time ago I developed a set of rules for voting. I have violated these rules many times and each time I do I end up regretting it. As I grow older and hopefully wiser, I follow my rules more closely.

These rules will work for Republicans, Democrats and Independents equally well. A prerequisite to all these rules is Knowledge. You must know what is going on. I have prepared a page full of tools to help you gain that knowledge. It is Here. It will help Democrats, Republicans, Independents and anyone else to achieve true Knowledge.

  1. Rule #1. If it costs money, vote against it.

    Let's get real folks. Government has all the money it needs to do it's job. The only way to remove waste and fraud is to make them do with what they have. Can you say "Solyndra"? How about "Solar Trust of America" We are urged to "Do it for the children." In actuality we are doing it for the unions. We spent almost $600 billion on education in public elementary and secondary schools in 2008 yet our kids don't know the three Rs. The status quo is not working.

    "The U.S. government has 15 different agencies overseeing food-safety laws, more than 20 separate programs to help the homeless and 80 programs for economic development. These are a few of the findings in a massive study of overlapping and duplicative programs that cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year, according to the Government Accountability Office. A report from the nonpartisan GAO, to be released Tuesday, compiles a list of redundant and potentially ineffective federal programs, and it could serve as a template for lawmakers in both parties as they move to cut federal spending and consolidate programs to reduce the deficit. Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.), who pushed for the report, estimated it identifies between $100 billion and $200 billion in duplicative spending... " See: Redundant-Programs

    The status quo is not working.

  2. Rule #2. If the candidate wears a suit vote against he or she. Vote against all "Professional" people.

    This will insult many people. Well, too bad. I know many Police officers, Teachers and Business Men who would make good government leaders. The only problem is they don't run for office. Only the bums do.

    At present about one third of all High School students are dropping out of school. In my extended family and friends there are many teachers. All of them are good, caring people. Yet, the kids are still dropping out. The status quo is not working.

    It is very easy to get illegal drugs in any High School in the country. Just ask your children. Yet the Police still want more and more money to fight drugs. In Spokane, Washington the Police have stopped investigating many property crimes. The status quo is not working.

    Caring "Professionals" are failing us. Time to give someone else a try.

  3. Rule #3. Vote against all incumbents.

    One term is enough. If you can't get the job done in one term you are simply not trying. If pushed to the wall, I'll go twice but no more. If you need more time you are just goofing off or worse you just want to get reelected. We hired you to do a job, NOT run for reelection.

    We need term limits. The status quo is not working. Senators and Representatives should not be well paid careers with people looking to get bridges or National Monuments named after them. We need men and women who are there to serve our country NOT forge a new career with great benefits. Because these people will not pass term limits themselves, we need to help them!

Lastly, remember this. Republican, Democrat, or Independent, these people just want to be in charge. Oh, they will rule benevolently, (they say) but they will RULE. All for our own good, of course. Think back to grade school. Teachers always seemed to want someone to "Monitor" the Water Fountain or the Hallway. So they asked for "Volunteers". Remember the sorry little twerps they got to do that? Yeah, I do too. Those are the same people who want careers in government!

Follow my rules... you will not be sorry!

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OK, How do I say this without being offensive. I am really interested in what you say but I don't give a flying passage of gas in a hot place about what you think!

WOW, what does that mean? Simply this. I am interested in what you say about the things I say and you can tell the truth to me because you can't offend me. That is because I don't care about what you think of me! You can FLAME me, Rant and Rave, say you love me or say you hate me, it's all the same to me!

I am interested in how you come to whatever opinion you have, why you say what you say. Lately, I keep hearing and reading about people who say they HATE, absolutely HATE Palin, Beck, O'Reilly, Fox, ETC. They are just liar, liar pants on fire. However, they never seem to be able to give proof or at least some kind of reason for what they say. I gave you reasons why I feel as I do so if you disagree with me can you give me some reason why?

So there you go. Tell me what you think. I promise to read what you say but I will not write back because I don't care what you think. I only care about what you say!

One last thing. This is for comments on my Blobs only. No motorcycle questions because I'm not writing back from this E-Mail address. OK?

If you have motorcycle questions click the motorcycle and follow my rules.

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